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Water Resources
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Irrigation and Drainage
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Water Resources 

Areas of Expertise

The TECHNE Engenheiros Consultores Ltda. has extensive experience in the segment applied to the use of water resources engineering, once developed studies and projects:

  • Planning and management of water resources;
  • Technical and economic feasibility of exploitations of natural resources;
  • Dams for power generation, flood control, water supply and multiple uses;
  • Pipeline systems for water supply, irrigation and multiple uses;
  • Urban systems of water supply and sanitation;
  • Irrigation and drainage for hydro-agricultural development, supply of fish farms and other agro-pastoral uses;
  • Transposition of inter-basin water.

The natural vocation of the company by the water resources sector is proven by many studies and extensive areas of the Brazilian semi-arid northeastern coastline and projects, working in all activities related to planning, implementation and management of uses of water resources.

The TECHNE has full conviction of providing a work of high technical quality, respecting the basic assumptions of the studies and boundary conditions inherent in the project area, due to the involvement of a team with extensive experience and tradition in Brazilian projects in the region, and extensive record of service rendered to the federal government.


Urban Development

  • Pipeline System;
  • Water Supply and Sanitary Sewage;
  • Road System;
  • Environmental Sanitation;
  • Dams for Multiple Purposes;
  • Electric Power;
  • Drainage and Micrudrainage Urban;
  • Dredging and Port Systems;
  • Master Plans Urbanistic
  • Architecture and Landscaping;
  • Surveying and Mapping;
  • Geoprocessing;
  • Management and Supervision of Works Infrastructure.

Agricultural Development

  • Integrated Utilization of Water Resources;
  • Irrigation and Drainage;
  • Basic Studies of Socio-Economics, Soil, Topography, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Climatology, Hydrology and Agronomy;
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility of Agricultural and Agribusiness Projects;
  • Diagnosis of the Agricultural Sector;
  • Management and Supervision of the Implementation of Infrastructure Works;
  • Environmental Impact Studies;
  • Technique and Operation of Irrigated Perimeters Assistance;
  • Management and Supervision of Implantation Works Infrastructure.

Industrial Development

  • Technical and Economic Feasibility of Industrial Projects;
  • Implementation Management of Industrial Projects;
  • Diagnosis Industrial Sector;
  • Identification of Business Opportunities.
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