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Water Resources
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Water Resources 

Dams for Electricity Generation, Flood Control, Water Supply and
Multiple Uses

Were developed for FUNCATE (Foundation of Science, Technology and Space Applications), the level to Conception and Basic Project, seven dams for hydroelectric generation (Hydroelectric Power Plant - HPP), namely:

  • HPP Jati, with 40 MW of Installed Potency (IP)
  • HPP Atalho, with 15 MW de IP;
  • HPP Ávidos I, with 30 MW de IP;
  • HPP Ávidos II, with 16 MW de IP;
  • HPP São Gonçalo, with 7,5 MW de IP;
  • HPP Salgado I, with 25 MW de IP; and
  • HPP Salgado II, with 25 MW de IP.

Also for FUNCATE, was developed, at the level of Basic Project, more than 40 multi-purpose dams under the responsibility of TECHNE.

For water supply, the TECHNE  it elaborated for SRH/CE (Secretariat of Water Resources of the State of Ceará), the dam of Ubaldinho, and for COMPESA (Pernambuco Sanitation Company), the dams Moreno, Pereira and Engenho Maranhão.

In view of the flood control and multiple use, were designed to SRH/PE (Secretariat of Water Resources of Pernambuco), the dams of:

  • Dam Igarapeba, in Pirangi river;
  • Dam Panelas II, in Panelas river; and
  • Dam Serro Azul, in Una river.

Still for SRH/PE were developed at level of project  basic and/or executive the dams of:

  • Dam Venturosa, in Ipanema river;
  • Dam Panelas II, in Panelas river;
  • Dam Gatos, in Gatos river;
  • Dam Serro Azul, in Una river; and
  • Dam São Bento do Una, in Una river.



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