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Water Resources 

Irrigation and Drainage

To DNOCS (National Department of Works Against Drought) developed the Irrigation Project of Platôs de Guadalupe / PI, at the level of Project Basic and Executive the an area of ​​10,500 ha. Subsequently adapted this project the guidelines of  "New Model for Irrigation", passing of the areas colonization to the areas of small and medium entrepreneurs.

Were developed for FUNCATE (Foundation of Science, Technology and Space Applications) Studies of Irrigation Areas to Transposition the Water of São Francisco River to the Septentrional Northeast, with nine projects in Ceará (90,000 hectares) eleven projects Rio Grande do Norte (area 105,000 ha), seven projects in Paraíba (40,000 ha) and seven projects in Pernambuco (250,000 ha).

To CHESF (São Francisco Hydroelectric Company) developed the Projects Basic and Executive of Irrigation the Borda do Lago/PE involving an area of ​​5,500 ha.




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