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Water Resources 

Planning and Management of Water Resources

The TECHNE it developed for SECTMA / AESA / PB (Secretariat of Science, Technology and Environment / Executive Agency of Water Management in the State of Paraíba) the following works:

  • Administration Plan, Operation and Maintenance (PAOM) of the Systems Adductors Cariri and Congo;
  • Revision, Enlarging and Consolidation of the Information System into Water Resources of the State of Paraíba; and
  • State Plan Macromeasurement Raw Water.

For SECTMA / PE (Secretariat of Science, Technology and Environment of Pernambuco) developed the Diagnostic Study of Water Resources of the Basin GL-2. Consolidation of Existing Studies, Preparation of the Plan of Utilization of Water Resources in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, Zone of Forest and Wasteland Pernambucano Model and the Integrated Management of Water Resources.

The TECHNE it developed for Codevasf (Company Valley Development of the São Francisco and Parnaíba) the Planning and Management of Surface Water Resources of the River Basin Bridget, in Pernambuco, where the availability and water demand for various uses of the municipalities were studied basin and outlined a plan for future action in the basin, encompassing:

  • Granting of water use;
  • Plan of monitoring agrometeorologic, hydrometeorology and environmental; and
  • Plan managing water resources of the basin.

For CAERN (Company Water and Sewage of Rio Grande do Norte), was made ​​to "Operational Analysis of Adductor Monsenhor Expedito (Trairi) and Jeronimo Rosado (Mossoró)" in order to assess the current management and operation of these complex adductor systems and suggest improvements and expansion.

Were developed for FUNCATE (Foundation of Science, Technology and Space Applications) the adequacy of Regional Integration Studies Project Transposition of the São Francisco River to the Septentrional Northeast, with the following objectives:

  • Identify and quantify the current and future water demands in river basins receiving;
  • Quantify in detail the local water resources, and even analyze the behavior of the regularization weirs of streamflow of the receiving basin;
  • Assess the impact of transposed water on local water availability of these basins;
  • Assess the impact on the generation of hydroenergy in cascade São Francisco River and list alternative replacement of losses;
  • Identify and evaluate specific problems inherent to divert water, in especially the geomorphological and in path water  losses;
  • Formulate scenarios of harnessing of water resources and define streamflows alternatives to transpose;
  • Evaluate the economic benefits associated the streamflows alternatives;
  • Formulating the options for models of management for the Project.

The referred study covered more than 250,000 km ² area, encompassing the following the river basin:

  • River Jaguaribe and Basins Metropolitan, in Ceará;
  • River Apodi and Piranhas/Açu, in Rio Grande do Norte;
  • River Paraíba and Piranhas, in Paraíba;
  • River Brígida, Moxotó, Goiana, Capibaribe, Ipojuca, Sirinhaém, Una, Mundaú and Ipanema, in Pernambuco.

Also developed for FUNCATE, fit the following highlights::

  • Plan Revitalization Hydroenvironmental  of the São Francisco River Basin, compound of the::
    • Socioenvironmental Diagnosis Basin;
    • Lifting of the Public Policies in place to the improvement hydroenvironmental of basin; and
    • Identification of Actions for Revitalization Hydroenvironmental by defining priorities and costs.
  • Plan Revitalization of the Lower São Francisco, a set of actions to be developed by different agents, fitting highlight to the following actions:
    • Studies to contain erosion of margins in the floodplains;
    • Promotion of sustainability economic and management of the floodplains;
    • Sanitation and  rational use of oxbow lakes;
    • Management and sustainability environmental of fluvial fisheries and through tanks-networks;
    • Basic sanitation of urban nuclei of the river banks;
    • Fomento of activity touristic;
    • Economic-ecological zoning;
    • Irrigation and fish farming;
    • Sectorial development program (education, health and infrastructure);
    • Study of ground ocupation, land ownership structure and productive potential.

    Still for the FUNCATE, were developed the Operating System Studies, Institutional and Tariffs to the Management  of the Project Transposition of the São Francisco River to the Septentrional Northeast.

    The Tariff Study covered the criteria for the sharing of costs between the states involved, the development of SARC-PTSF  (System of Support the  Apportionment of Costs of Project Transposition), sensitivity analysis of the value change of the energy tariff lifelong.

  • Groundwater, the TECHNE holds a large acquis underground water spanning large areas of the river Tocantins basin, of river São Francisco basin, of Septentrional Northernmost and broad Amazonian territory, including areas of the Venezuelan Amazon, developed above all for the National Water Agency (ANA).
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