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ISO 9001

Quality System

General Requirements

The company has established, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according to the requirements of Standard NBR ISO 9001:2008 and SIAC - Designers.

The activities that interact between the processes are detailed in each procedure of the company's quality system.

The determination of the processes necessary for the Quality Management System as well as the interaction between them is established in the following flowchart.


Documentation Requirements

Among the documents of Quality Management System of TECHNE , we highlight:

  • Quality Manual - MQ: describes the company's system according to the quality policy and objectives set out therein. It also describes the company's system to the Standard NBR ISO 9001:2008 e do SIAC - Designers;
  • Statement of Quality Policy - DPQ: intentions and company guidelines relating to quality, formally expressed by High Steering;
  • Worksheet Objectives, Targets and Indicators of the Quality - POMIQ: is document  laying the objectives pertinent to  the company's Quality Policy   well as forms of control,  monitoring and responsibilities;
  • Systemic Procedures - PS: are documents that describe the activities and the perpetrators involved in the processes that affect the quality of the final product, and that are required to deploy the elements of the quality system;
  • Registration of the Quality: is the part of the documentation that provides objective evidence of the activities performed or results obtained;
  • Manual Description of Positions - MDC: is the document that determines the skills required for the positions defined by the company.

Quality Policy

The Executive Board has the  business philosophy focused on the customer, element fundamental to its survival and continuity.. This fact is portrayed in its Quality Policy and its objectives, the systematization of customer related processes and post-delivery activities, among other.

The TECHNE defines as Quality Policy:

  • Meet the needs of our customers ensuring final product quality;
  • Promote continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • Investing in the development of our employees.

The forms of dissemination of the Quality Policy at various levels of the organization are realized through dissemination activities defined in the Plan of Quality Disclosure  – PDQ.

Continuous Improvement

For the efficiency of the Quality Management System be continually improved the TECHNE uses the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, the results of Audit, Data Analysis, Corrective Action, Preventive Actions and Critical Analysis by the Direction.

The proposals to implement improvement actions should be carried out according to the scheme set out in the Control of Non-Conformance, Corrective Actions, Preventive and Improvement.

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