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Water Resources 

Adductors Systems for Multiple Uses

The TECHNE participated in the studies of the Transposition the Water the São Francisco River to the Septentrional Semi Arid, involving the states of Pernambuco, Ceará, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, with approximately 700 km in length and flow rate of 127 m³/s, both studies developed in 1994, for the DNOCS (National Department of Works Against Drought) as in the current study phase of this project and in other studies of transposition of the São Francisco River to Piaui (200 km long and flow of 30 m³/s) and to Bahia / Sergipe (250 km long and flow of 60 m³/s), and the transposition of the Tocantins River Basin to the São Francisco River Basin (250 km in length and flow rate of 100 m³/s)

For CODEVASF (Development Company of Valleys São Francisco and Parnaíba), the TECHNE developed the Basic Project the 1st Excerpt from Channel backwoods Pernambuco, with a flow of 71.5 m³/s and 50 km long.

Adductors Systems for Water Supply

For SERHID / RN (Secretariat of Water Resources of Rio Grande do Norte), the TECHNE developed the Studies of Conception, Basic and Executive Projects of Systems Adductors, totaling about 1000 km adduction:

  • Pipeline System Agreste/Trairi/Potengi (Adductor Monsenhor Expedito);
  • Pipeline System Mossoró (Adductor Jerônimo Rosado );
  • Pipeline System Serra de Santana.

With the same scope, TECHNE has developed for SEMARH / SECTMA of Paraíba:

  • Pipeline System of Congo, with about 250 km adduction;
  • Pipeline System Camalaú (95 km);
  • Pipeline System  Capivara (90 km) ;
  • Pipeline System  Natuba (30 km);
  • Pipeline System Boqueirão (70 km).

Was developed for FUNCATE (Foundation of Science, Technology and Space Applications) the Pipeline System the Agreste, to supply the Wasteland Pernambucano Region, from the São Francisco River, with a length of about 400 km and flow of 8 m³/s.

For COMPESA (Pernambuco Sanitation Company), was developed at the level of Project Basic and Executive of the Pipeline System of the Agreste, with approximately 1,300 km in length and flow rate of 5 m³/s.










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